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For more information about the ancient Van Assendelft family (1313-1668), their castles,
heraldry and background, click here:Assendelft, from 1313-1668. A noble family tree.

Click for full size photo Frederik Willem van Assendelft (Willem II), was born in Rotterdam, 21 December 1853 and died on 27 October 1918. He was a painter and decorator, married to Sophia Verlooy. Willem was described by Willem IV as a calm, religious man, who was kind to children. Click for full size mariage certificate
Click for full size photo Frederik Willem van Assendelft (Willem III) was born in Rotterdam on 21 February 1878 and died on 31 March 1954. He had two brothers: Abram (became a stonemason or stonecutter) and Hendrik, a painter and decorator. Willem went to The Academy for Fine Arts and Science (a sort of Intermediate Vocational School) to become an engineer on a ship.
Click for full size photo After 6 years in the navy as a junior engineer (H.M.S. Gier and H.M.S. Reinier Klaasen) he married Anna under the condition that he quitted sailing. So Willem got a job with the Railroads (NS) and later became a street tram driver.
Click for full size photo Frederik Willem van Assendelft (Willem IV) was born in Rotterdam on the 8 August 1905 and died in Lelystad on 19 November 1987. He married Sietske Visser on 27 September 1939. Wim was a bookkeeper by profession, although just before World war II he started his own business as a wholesaler (paper and spices), which ended in bankruptcy a few years later, for which he paid dearly (both financially and mentally).
Click for full size photo Sietske Visser (Arnhem, 30 May 1908) and her mother Maria Rijks-Visser (12 April 1861 - 10 June 1935). Sietske's father (David, born: 10 November 1861) died when she was 2 or 3 years old. As her father owned his own merchant boat, the family probably sold the boat and lived off that money. Besides that, Maria Rijks was sometimes asked to work as a midwife.
Click for full size photo Sietske (later: Sita) entered 'Industrieschool' (a sort of Lower Vocational School), and as a grown up girl sometimes went to dance-halls. There she met Wim van Assendelft when she was 20. They only married 10 years later because of (financial) circumstances (the depression of the 1930s).
Click for full size photo Before her marriage to Wim, Sita worked as a nanny for the better off. That may have been the reason Sita partly spent her father's heritage on table silver and china (Rosenthal). Another part went into Wim's (until the war) thriving business.
Click for full size photo Sietske van Assendelft-Visser died at 93 years of age, at 'De Hoven', Lelystad on 31 March 2002.
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Click for full size photo Frederik Willem (Willem V) was born in Amsterdam on 14 November 1946. Freddy (later: Fred) worked as a medical representative with Philips Duphar before his study of English at D'Witte Lely in Amsterdam. He is now employed as a teacher of English at Bonhoeffer College, Enschede.
Click for full size photo Catharina Dorothea Batelaan was born in Bodegraven on 21 August 1950. After her studies of nursing in Gouda, she worked in several hospitals in Holland, Germany and France. After her marriage to Fred, Cathy (later Caren) began studying as a teacher of nursing at Hogeschool Twente. Caren now teaches nursing at Medisch Spectrum Twente and Saxion Hogeschool, both in Enschede.
Click for full size photo Julia Dorothea was born in Amsterdam on 1 January 1981. Her hobby is singing. Julia used to sing in a band (Color Blend), but only performed locally. Her first job as a beautician was with Yves Rocher in Enschede. Later she worked for the same firm in Amsterdam (Kalverstraat). Julia is now part-time employed by De Bijenkorf in Enschede and studies HRM at Saxion Hogeschool, Enschede.
Click for full size photo Floris Willem (Willem VI) was born in Enschede (Glanerbrug) on 7 December 1985. Floris studies Technical Science at Saxion Hogeschool, Enschede. Floris plays chess quite well (KNSB-rating Nov. 2008: 2297) and supports FC Twente.


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