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Caren 12 yrs old Cathy Batelaan, twelve years old. Cathy was a pupil of the Da Costa school in Bodegraven. She lived at Oranjelaan 39 (her brother Marius now lives there) until she became a student nurse in Gouda.

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After graduating, Caren worked in several hospitals in Holland, Germany (Munich) and France (Paris). Caren, picture taken in Las Vegas
carenrood.jpg (12343 bytes) Caren as a squatter (1977), at Douwes Dekkerstraat in Amsterdam. The window looked out on gardens and sheds, accommodating about a hundred more or less wild cats. On the second floor was the livingroom and a kitchen with shower, the third floor had a bedroom. When Fred came back from England, he moved in with her in that house: number 29 II a. Caren's sister Ansje used to live on the first floor for a while. Caren then worked as a nurse at Valeriuskliniek and Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis in Amsterdam.
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