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Fred as a baby As a baby his parents called him: Freddie.
fred 13 yrs old (8386 bytes) Fred at home in Geleenstraat 49 in Amsterdam, about 13 years old.
He went to Christelijke HBS-A, Jan van Eykstraat in Amsterdam.
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fred 14 years old (8712 bytes) Fred, 15 years of age. The same period as classrroom-picture.
fred 16 years old (29.2Kb bytes) Fred's room in the attic, beginning of the sixties.
His first job at Proost Brandt was not very successful so after a year he became an employee of Stichting Sociaal Fonds Bouwnijverheid in the centre of Amsterdam.
Four years later he was employed by Philips Duphar as a medical representative for five years, after which he quit and ...

Fred and his collegues at Philips Duphar in 1974. Click this picture for a full size photo.
Fred as a rep (21718 bytes)
Fred back from England(3591 bytes) ... moved to England, to live with friends there for half a year.
When he returned to Holland he moved in with Caren (Douwes Dekkerstraat 29 II a in Amsterdam) and started his study of English at D'Witte Lely teacher training College. Fred's first job as a teacher was at S.G. Centrum-Oud West in Amsterdam.
From 1984 till 2011 Fred worked at Bonhoeffer College - Enschede

From 2011 till 2015 Fred worked part time for Volksuniversiteit Enschede as a teacher of Dutch.   He is retired now and will be in Peru from Sept. 2015 till Febr. 2016 (Click HERE for website)

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